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How Recover data from C Drive when Windows not running or corrupted

Welcome guys, I am Gourav welcomes you again at Shree Works Blog Page. Today i am telling you how to recover Data of your Computers and Laptop when the Windows or Operating System is crashed or corrupted, Some times windows goes Slow or not working and we need to install new operating System or Windows in our Computer and Laptop.

Crashed Windows or Operating System

We store lot of things, Data, images, videos, files, documents in our computer systems and laptops. we need to ensure that data saved in hard disk drive is secure.
you must need some software to recover your data from computer systems, Hard drive is not booting and you need to boot your laptop or computer from other device.

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Solution: Auto Call Recording application in MI Android phones not working properly.

Hello friends, I am Gourav. And welcome you on my blog again. 

Recently i purchase a Android mobile phone. MI Note 4 and seriously mobile is too good but there is a problem with call recording software (third party) actually call recording software records calls but not all calls. And some important recording missed by me, i share this problem with by friend circle by they also face these types of problems too in thier mobile phones. After that i found there is problem in permission assigned to the application. 

We need to provide permission to automatically start the application in background to auto call recorder app, i found whatsapp and other apps also have the automatically start permissions thats why whatsapp messages continues ringing. 

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Windows XP installation Steps with Images – Full Installation Help.

Step 1:- Insert bootable Windows XP CD or DVD into CD/DVD ROM and Start the Computer or laptop.insert_cd-into-dvdrom-window-install
Step 2:- PC automatically detect the windows XP CD and display the message “Press any key to boot from CD..” on the startup screen for few seconds and you need to press any key to start the Windows XP installation into the system. so press the button or key quickly.boot-from-cd-msg

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Laptop is Slow & only few year old, What should i need to do…

Free Computer Checkup available @ Rohini Sec-6 , Call 9355593557

If your computer system running slow so there may be problem in the Operation System or Windows installed in your computer. Two types of problem is there, one is Hardware Related and Second is software related. it may be few other types of problem is occur like:-

Hardware Related Problems

  • Computer Turned off randomly
  • frequently blue screens or dump screen occurs time to time
  • Laptop charging issue
  • Gives for noise
  • Laptop fan make noise

Mostly laptop or computer problems can resolve or repaired in the less then half price of new computer or laptop. Most common problems in software, drivers, printers and windows can resolved with in a minute or in very less time, feel free to contact us on +91 9355593557.

Free Computer Checkup available @ Rohini Sec-6 , Call 9355593557

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How to create UEFI or GPT based Windows Bootable Pendrive or Disk

Create a bootable pendrive to install windows in GPT formatted laptop or computer.

Here in this topic First we discuss the difference between GPT Partition and MBR Partition

Need the following things to create GPT or UEFI Bootable Pendrive
1. GPT or UEFI ISO Image of Windows Operating System.
2. Blank Pendrive.
3. Rufus Software for Create pendrive Bootable. Download Rufus Here

Steps to Create GPT or UEFI Bootable Pendrive

1.) First of all right click on the rufus software and run in the administrator mode.

2.) Insert the pendrive into USB port.

3.) Check the option “Create a bootable disk using”, and select bootable UEFI or GPT ISO file.

4.) Now Select the “GPT partition scheme for UEFI Computer” from the 2nd dropdown box.

5.) Finally Click on Start Button .
Bootable Pendrive is ready to install Windows in GPT Partition System..

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Convert Microsoft Word, excel to PDF file

You need to convert your Microsoft office or Word file into PDF and getting error or it takes more time to convert. so use Microsoft word to pdf plugin to convert word to pdf documents.

Download office to pdf Plugin

1. It is very simple to use word to pdf pluging. First you need to install the word to pdf plugin to your computer or laptop. and install them. Download from Here.

office-to-pdf-install-1 office-to-pdf-install-2 office-to-pdf-install-3

2. After Install the word to pdf open the word file you want to convert to the PDF.

3. Then go to the menu and click on save-as button, here you find one more option that is ‘PDF or XPS file’ , and click on PDF or XPS and save.
Office word or excel to PDF
4. Now your file is save in PDF Format you can easily use you pdf file now.


For more Query you can call me or send me mail on – We also provide software support in Dwarka Delhi.

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Stop windows 7 to windows 10 upgrade within 10 min

Microsoft windows provides free upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7, 8 and 8.1.. but some persons don’t want to upgrade their system to windows 10. Here you find the solution for disble free upgrade to windows 10 from your exiting windows 7 or windows 8.
You need to open control panel, and then choose uninstall a program option.
After that you click on view installed update files.
Search the file name kb1331865 and remove the perticular installed update file.
After that use the never 10 it software for block windows 10 upgrade for free

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Learn How to install Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft windows 7 is very popular operating system and it is very easy to install it in your computer system. You must have the following things to install your windows to your computer system.

1. Operating system Windows 7 DVD or boot-able pen drive. (How create DVD or Boot-able Pendrive)
2. Working Computer system.
3. Power Backup

Steps to install windows operating system :

1. Plug your windows DVD or bootable pendrive in your system.
2. Start your computer by pressing power on button and press one time boot button from your keyboard till boot device list not display.
3. Select boot device – your DVD or pendrive

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