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How to create UEFI or GPT based Windows Bootable Pendrive or Disk

Create a bootable pendrive to install windows in GPT formatted laptop or computer.

Here in this topic First we discuss the difference between GPT Partition and MBR Partition

Need the following things to create GPT or UEFI Bootable Pendrive
1. GPT or UEFI ISO Image of Windows Operating System.
2. Blank Pendrive.
3. Rufus Software for Create pendrive Bootable. Download Rufus Here

Steps to Create GPT or UEFI Bootable Pendrive

1.) First of all right click on the rufus software and run in the administrator mode.

2.) Insert the pendrive into USB port.

3.) Check the option “Create a bootable disk using”, and select bootable UEFI or GPT ISO file.

4.) Now Select the “GPT partition scheme for UEFI Computer” from the 2nd dropdown box.

5.) Finally Click on Start Button .
Bootable Pendrive is ready to install Windows in GPT Partition System..


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