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How Recover data from C Drive when Windows not running or corrupted

Welcome guys, I am Gourav welcomes you again at Shree Works Blog Page. Today i am telling you how to recover Data of your Computers and Laptop when the Windows or Operating System is crashed or corrupted, Some times windows goes Slow or not working and we need to install new operating System or Windows in our Computer and Laptop.

Crashed Windows or Operating System

We store lot of things, Data, images, videos, files, documents in our computer systems and laptops. we need to ensure that data saved in hard disk drive is secure.
you must need some software to recover your data from computer systems, Hard drive is not booting and you need to boot your laptop or computer from other device. and save data to another drive or disk.

Hardware and Software Requirement..

1. Hiren DVD or Live USB Disk. Download
2. Pendrive (Minimum 2GB).

Learn How to create Hiren USB Live Disk

Steps for Boot from Live DISK

1. Burn Hiren ISO file into CD or USB Drive (Learn How)
2. Insert Hiren USB or CD into system or laptop and boot from Hiren CD/USB device. (By pressing boot key) Boot key list for Brands

Hiren First Boot Screen

3. After Boot from Hiren CD or USB select Mini XP Windows to Start.
4. Now your system will be boot from Hiren USB. you can operate your laptop or computer and save your files into another drive or disk..

5. You can use Mini Windows XP interface to save your data to other hard drive or local disk another from C Drive that have windows. and you install new OS in you C drive by format your C drive.


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